When we were sent into Covid lockdown, it was coming off the end of summer, and we seemed to have missed a whole season and as we emerged from our covid-19 insular bubble, all of a sudden, it’s winter!

Usually in Autumn we prepare ourselves for the coming cooler months, but seeing we were all Netflixing and binging our way through new and old TV series, we seemed to have forgotten that it is now cold outside, winter isn’t coming, winter is here!

As we timidly step out our front doors and try our luck at shopping malls, one thing on my mind is, what has winter fashion got installed for us. I managed to step out last weekend, for research of course, navigating and separating what winter fashion you should invest in.

Finding that balance of what to purchase can be a tricky one.  Are you a what’s trending 'right now' type of buyer or are you a 'just right', something that will likely live in your closets for seasons to come type of buyer? Despite your genre, there was definitely enough fashion to fawn over.

I am a heels type of gal, the higher the better.  I have them colour coordinated for easy to find moments, there is bling, shimmer, gloss and fabric and even a glimpse of red soles, Valentino labels and Choo’s.  Imagine my face, that look of what is that and WTF!, I never in my life thought I would say this four-letter word starting with “F”, I mean if you have seen my wardrobe you can understand why this four-letter word is hard to swallow.

While Friday is my second favourite F word, the 3rd on my list is now FLAT.  Yeap, you heard me, FLAT’S our in this season and they are pulling just as much attention as our high heeled colleagues. Our calves, feet and lower back are going to love us this season as FLAT shoes are going to be worn with just about everything.  I must confess, I have been wearing flat shoes of late, this old girl’s back isn’t what it used to be.  We usually associate flats with ballet slippers and plain jane, round toed, granny comfortable type shoes, but now flats are taking centre stage and outshining our other heeled friends.

Believe it or not, the most elegant dress can be worn with a great flat’s.  This season under that elegant ball gown, cocktail attire or your weekend outfit there will be a stylish pair of flats.

I know what you are thinking, “It's tricky to find a stylish flat” and I hear you, but the solution has arrived. There are plenty of cool picks that work with dresses and skirts as well as jeans and trousers.  The whimsical prints, metallic hardware, and rich velvet fabrics will keep you looking chic for many months to come. 

Try pairing your flat’s with Ponchos and Puffers, try saying that 10 times really fast.  Puffer jackets have made a huge comeback this winter season and it’s not just for those who frequent the snow fields each season. Paired with a great pair of jeans, a pointy toe heeled knee-high boot and you have turned your puffer into farrrshion. I’d even go to the extent of belting up that buffer with an accent belt, just sayin!

Every good superhero needs flat’s and a cape, I mean you don’t see wonder woman saving the world in a pair of 6inch heels. One of the strongest outer wears to come this season is the cape or poncho.  While puff-sleeve dresses were first out of the gates for 2020, the cape is giving the puff a run for its money. 

Fashion always tells a story, and as we read the clues that are carved out in the form of garment design, we can figure out what the cape is really saying.

Recently (pre covid-19) when a celebrity wore a cape for a public appearance, it was a display of strength and support for themselves or for fellow women. Natalie Portman wore a cape dress to the recent 2020 Academy Awards.  It was a protest against the slighting of women directors in the TV and Film industry. Meghan Markel wore a red caped Safiyaa gown while attending her last appearance as a senior Royal before “Megexiting” the British Monarchy and Selena Gomez wore a pink Patou cape dress at the 2020 Hollywood Beauty Awards reminding her fans and the press that despite her health, she powered through to make and release her new album RARE and standing strong to let people know clearly she isn't going anywhere.

When we think about Winter colours it’s all very dark, moody and what I like to call, overcast colours. I was grinning like a Cheshire cat when I found deep, rich greens.  This is one colour that doesn’t discriminate, it’s a colour you will see everywhere this winter and I could not be more on-board. It’s one of those colours that suits just about every person who wears it. It's great on dark and pale skin tones and it looks striking on blondes and fabulous on brunettes.  If you are one of those lucky people that have green or hazel eyes, then look out, this colour will make your eyes fiercely green.  I might just add that it’s also a nice change from the usual winter staples of grey, black and caramel – overcast colours!

photo courtesy of Instyle magazine


When I was in Italy last year, I was shopping, I mean researching, winter fashion and one item I purchased, again for research, was a knit dress.  Next minute, across the ditch and the Knit dress has landed. It’s one of those must have items you just need in your winter robe.

It’s easy to wear fashion and an item that can be worn for a good 6 months of the year, depending on where you live. Our Southern friends could possibly get more wear over our Northern fashionistas. The outfit options are truly endless with a Knit dress, if the weather is just below average, northern fashionistas, I’m talking to you, you can pair it with a leather jacket and sneakers. But if the chill is really coming through, that’s you southerners, layer up your knit with stockings, boots and a coat. 

So, they are just a few of my practical winter staples to keep you on trend this season and warm.  I wonder what Summer will bring… I better go “research” that too 😉

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