Oscars 2020 WRAP!

The Red carpet turned green this year at the 92nd Academy Awards as stars adopted the sustainability trend which became so prominent in 2019 and powered into 2020.

Leading the way was Kaitlyn Dever wearing a Louis Vuitton sustainable green dress which screamed old Hollywood glam with a modern-day twist.  It was Penelope Cruise stepping out in Chanel looking timelessly elegant, and timely being the buzz word here as she wore a high low gown with a pearl belt which was a reinvention of a 1995 Chanel Couture gown.

Joaquin Phoenix also bucked the tux and wore a suit that he had worn to the last 3 awards ceremony proving that you don’t need a new outfit for every occasion and you can rock the same outfit time and time again.  I know it’s easier said than done for the males, no one seems to question or are curious about them wearing the same suit twice, but if a women was to wear the same gown twice it makes headlines. Not this year, there were plenty of preloved designer fashion frocks sashaying down the red carpet this year.

If you were blinded by all the blind that’s because Statement jewellery was THE biggest trend to hit the Oscars this season.  From Regina King wearing half a million-dollar Harry Winston to Mindy Kaling dripping jewels, it was diamonds a plenty dripping down the Décolletage of many actresses.

Sequence, sparkle, taffeta and tulle.  The red carpet has just as much drama and limelight than the movies themselves. The Oscars are at the end of the awards season and it’s THE awards ceremony where you want to stand out!.  The looks you see will become iconic and you want to be on the right side of iconic. The fashions this year have been next level with some calling it the best dressed Oscars to date. We have watched these actors grow up on the red carpet and watching their fashion statement change and evolve over the past 92 years is ……

Playful prints and outstanding pinks is what the stars dished up and my favourite look of the night was Regina King. Structured and sculptured, and i’m not just talking about her arms, this versace gown is THE OSCARS!  Sculpting dresses to the body, Versace construct works or art the embody glamour. It’s hollywood glam at its peak.

When it came to the playful prints, this category had Billy Porter written all over it.  He is royal and regal and he is the new queen of the red carpet. Inspired by Buckingham palace, with his 24crt gold leaf bodice, he was one of the first to step onto the carpet in his Jimmy Choo heels and set the tone for the rest of the carpet. He’s a conversation starter and revolutionary who pushes the boundaries when it comes to coming out on the red carpet.

When it came to the misses at the Oscars, in my opinion, Maya Rudolph,NO NO NO, just NO. To orange, to sparkly and too much free flowing material.  Something more fitted and structured would have been more appealing. Breaking up that organe with a second colour as well would have been advisable.  Second to Maya would be Blac Chyna. I’m not really sure why she was there, she wasn’t nominated for anything, she doesn’t even make or star in movies, but there she was in a black velvet, high slit, plunging neck dress with blue fringe details. One good gust of wind, and we would have had dinner and a show on the red carpet at this year’s Oscars.

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