It’s all in the Jeans

Denim on Denim is a big fashion trend for 2020, and is a staple of everybody’s wardrobe and often a key element in seasonal trends, in particular, jeans.  When you find a good pair they become your best friend, you develop a deep, long lasting relationship with them and lets face it, the longer you wear them the closer you become.

Nowadays, jeans are not just for lounging around the house or to put on to do the dirty work. Designer jeans have become hugely popular, with versatile, edgy designs that can easily transition from day to night.  Each season brings with it new cuts, features, treatments and embellishments.

Gone are the days of a standard type denim jean, now there is a vast selection and cut to meet everyone’s needs, shapes and size and lengths.  Who else has walked into a Jeans Store and look along the back wall and thought, “where do I start”?

From low-rise jeans to high-rise jeans, boot cut jeans to flared leg jeans, skinny jeans to boyfriend jeans it all starts to get a little consuming.  So let me lay it out for you in this step-by-step guide to purchasing the right jean.

Jeans come in a number of distinct cuts and certain cuts are more appropriate for some occasions than others. Your body type will play a role in what cut of jean you choose.

Low-Rise Jeans  - Fit low on the waist, perfect for showing a slender waist. Great for petite women who have trouble filling out styles with more material.

Ultra Low-Rise  - Fit even lower on the hips. A daring and often impractical look.

Mid-Rise Jeans  - Fit closer to the natural waist. This is the most versatile style that is good for nearly all body types.

High-Rise Jeans  - Fit above the natural waist, at the base of the ribcage. Perfect for very tall, thin women.

Boot-Cut Jeans  - Slim through the hips and thighs, flaring away from the calf just enough to be able to fit over boots without having a lot of excess material.

Flare Leg Jeans  - Similar to boot-cut jeans, but the leg openings are even wider to give a dramatic bell shape.

Straight-Leg  - Feature a more relaxed fit in the hips and thighs with legs that go straight down without tapering or flaring. Great for more voluptuous women who do not want to add bulk.

Skinny Jeans  - Skinny jeans feature snug hips and legs tightly all the way to the ankles, leaving just enough of an opening for feet to fit through.

Boyfriend Jeans  - Feature a loose, slouchy fit that is similar to men’s jeans.

If you want an easy, relaxed look, wear a pair of boyfriend jeans with a ribbed tank top or if your heading for a night out with the girls, choose a pair of skinny jeans and pair them with strappy high heels and an off-the-shoulder top. Jeans are very versatile and can be right for almost any occasion.

It is important to do your homework and select the right pair of jeans for your body type. Flattering your figure with the right jeans may increase your confidence and make your entire outfit look better.

So, what jean style matches with your body type:

SLIM - Slimmer body types look great in a variety of jeans. Look for jeans that run straight from the hips through the knee, with a slight flare at the leg opening. Low-rise jeans with a high back and lower front are another flattering choice.

CURVY – Choose jeans that run straight from the hips through the knee with a slight flare at the leg opening. A wide boot-cut silhouette is also flattering. Avoid jeans with large flares at the bottom. Coupled with wider hips, wide flare-legs will make your legs look very short.

ATHLETIC - If you have athletic legs and narrow hips, consider a low-rise jean with a contoured waistband. Legs that taper out to a graceful and generous boot-cut are also flattering without giving you the retro bell-bottom look. Or, to give the appearance of wider hips and a fuller backside, choose a cigarette - style jean.

FULL FIGURED - Choose a traditional five-pocket style of jean that is not too snug and has a little give to accommodate your body. Go with a mid-rise jean and steer clear of much lower rises, which will give you the appearance of being larger than you really are. Exaggerated flare-leg jeans should be avoided in favor of straight-leg jeans or a boot-cut.


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