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Endometriosis Australia – EndoChamp

Tamara Wrigley announced as an ‘EndoChamp’ for Endometriosis Australia

Endometriosis Australia has today announced media personality Tamara Wrigley as one of its new EndoChampions.

Board-appointed, EndoChampions are someone who has achieved something extraordinary within their community to increase awareness and raise funds for Endometriosis.

Donna Ciccia, co-founder of Endometriosis Australia, says: “We’re delighted Tamara has come on-board as an EndoChampion.

“Around the country people are raising awareness and it is important for those with endometriosis to collectively use their voices to help us end the silence around endometriosis.”

Common symptoms of endometriosis includes pelvic pain that puts life on hold around or during your period, and it can damage fertility. Whilst endometriosis most often affects the reproductive organs it is frequently found in the bowel and bladder and has been found in muscle, joints, the lungs and the brain.

In an Australian government report, endometriosis is reported to cost Australian society $9.7 billion annually with two-thirds of these costs attributed to a loss in productivity with the remainder, approximately $2.5 billion being direct healthcare costs.

Currently, treatments often include surgery, medication, allied and complementary therapies – but there is no prevention or cure.

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