Online sensation, star of the smash hit The Wine O’Clock Show with over 130,000 viewers each week, Tam Wrigley is more than a pretty face.A business woman in her own right owning one of the most successful real estate agencies in northern Queensland, Tam starting her real estate career at 18, putting her dreams of being a television host on hold.Within 12 months she had started her first real estate business growing from 30 properties to 370. On the side, Tam began to invest in property development where she has developed projects including units, townhouses through to light industrial sheds and subdivisions which meant, Tam began to concentrate on property develop full-time. The result, she became one of the youngest female property moguls in Brisbane. By the age of 30 Tam was a multi-millionaire with a healthy property portfolio of over 30 properties and became a very well respected businesswoman.By 2013, Tam had developed her real estate credentials from small to large portfolios, managing property management divisions, training staff and developing new offices and managing over 20 staff. On the back of winning Sunshine Coast Corporate Business Woman of the Year, and having felt like she had achieved her goals, It was during this time she decided to reflect back on her dream to become a Television personality

In 2014 after a significant health scare, Tamara decided reassess her career and reignite her dream starting her own online channel called iStyle TV which iStyle TV is an online show featuring around the fashion, style and beauty industry.On iStyle TV Tamara chats to local, national and international fashion designers, fashion houses, celebrity designers and stylists giving viewers an insight into their past to present fashion journey.Renowned for putting people at ease; her one on one chats with guests who reveal their achievements, struggles, challenges and knowledge about how they have built their fashion empire.On the back of this shows success, Tamara developed a new web series last year called The Wine O’Clock Show. The Wine O’Clock Show is a step up and now with over 130,00 viewers each week. The concept is simple, an entertainment show with two celebrities joining Tamara on the couch each week and talk about the week that was.The Wine O’Clock show is one of the fastest growing shows on social media, YouTube and Facebook averages over 130,000 viewers each week.More recently, Tam has created her 3rd TV series called Beyond Beautiful. Aptly titled ‘Beyond Beautiful’ – it’s the ‘beyond’ aspect that makes this so special.We are constantly surrounded by images and conversations of people’s success and it can leave us feeling less, unaware we are comparing our behind the scenes with everyone else’s show reel.

Beyond Beautiful will give audiences the raw, insightful, honest and real stories behind some truly wonderful, strong and successful people.We are so excited for this and believe we all have amazing stories of courage; pain and personal triumph that help us grow and create ways to pay it forward to our communities and neighbours.Tam Wrigley is the perfect person for this, the beautiful brainchild and the woman who will help bring these amazing stories to light to share with all of you.Tam is one of those rare TV personalities who is as comfortable behind the camera as in front, and has built a successful production company and produces amazing content across many forms of media.In 2019, Tam was approached by Profile Magazine and asked to be their new Editor, a roll Tam accepted and embraced.